Health Literacy Facts

Did you know that individuals with low health literacy are more likely to visit the E.R., have more hospital stays, and experience more adverse health outcomes than those with advanced health literacy? 


What Can I Do To Improve My Health Literacy?

  • Ask questions. Ask questions if there is something that you do not understand. Never leave a doctor's visit with unanswered questions.  

  • Tell the truth. Being honest with your doctors allows them to help you make smart health decisions. 

  • Know your medical history. Try to know as much about your health history as possible. It may help to write down doctors' names, visit dates, prescription information, and other notes to help you remember.

  • Bring someone with you. Having the support of a friend or family member at your appointment can help ease anxiety and help you to remember important information later.

  • Attend a Health Literacy Workshop hosted by SEAAHEC. Check back often for updates on upcoming workshops and other Health Literacy Program offerings.